Idealized in 2009 by Bruno Vasconcellos, Civic Nation Brazil was born with the proposal of put together owners and lovers of the most sold and customized model produced by Honda, the Civic..

Civic Nation is the biggest Honda meeting in Brazil and the main propose is put together Honda cars and lovers, promoting the learning environment, news and friendship..

The first edition, in 2009 at Serra Azul mall in Săo Paulo state, only modest 27 vehicles attended and also a huge desire to increase this number.

In the second edition in 2011, made in the same mall, the organization staff was increased incorporating the NRTeam members – a independent friends group also Honda lovers that since 2008 used to meet to modify their cars in their own houses. In this edition the number of participants grew to 150 cars and the meeting become notorious. At the end of the second edition, expectative was created about the third one.

In July 2012 happened the third edition at the same place and this time 280 Hondas attended, and some other JDM cars joined in a bigger and more organized meeting. At this edition we celebrate a milestone, 40th year of Civic worldwide and 20th year of the same model in Brazil. To celebrate this milestone gifts was distributed and also shirts made by our sponsors, strengthening as the biggest Honda meeting in Brazil. The most important car/customization magazines and websites participated and lots of Youtube videos. During this event we can expose the Civic used as the official Indy Pace Car.

Than in the forth edition the meeting became even bigger in the cars and visitant numbers. Together close to 400 cars and 2000 people in the Serra Azul Mall, in the fourth edition a huge number of Honda models in a day full of gift distribution, parts raffle, friendship and nice environment. Due the success of the previous editions we can bring participants of the other states and gain again some pages in all important customization magazine in Brazil. The success was the result at the end of the day promoting a nice day to adults, teens and children.

In 2014, focused in success of the fifth edition, a bigger place is required. Based on this, the meeting is changed to Aguas de Lindóia-SP, famous city because of the cars meeting. Counting with the municipality support, together with the Tourism office and also the Aguas de Lindóia hotel association, the meeting will happen in August 2nd and 3rd in two days full of entertainment as gift distribution, sponsored stands and a night party! Now, in a place with the complete infrastructure for all Honda lovers meet again and enjoy a whole weekend with their family, friends and cars.

Check-out the last edition in 2015: